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Committed to Excellence
Driven by Passion

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Representing Top Food Manufacturers at the Foremost Retailers in the World. 

We provide you with a full range of commercial, marketing, strategic and administrative solutions to enhance your international expansion.

We will help you in developing your business to the international and in establishing a strong and sustainable brand reputation.

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Our End-to-End turnkey solution to the Market

Our dynamic team, fueled by innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, leverages our talents to propel your business forward.


Analysis phase

Embarking on a journey of collaboration starts with understanding your business and your products. Your unique needs and aspirations. We initiate the process by delving into your business goals and values, ensuring a seamless alignment with our vision.


Setting up partnership

Our dedicated team employs a meticulous matchmaking approach, identifying potential partners whose strengths complement and enhance your business. We prioritize strategic synergies to foster mutually beneficial and lasting collaborations.


Reporting phase

Post the initial phases, we go the extra mile by delivering a comprehensive business development report. This report outlines tailored strategies and potential growth opportunities, providing a roadmap for maximizing the benefits of our collaborative efforts.


Implementation phase

Upon reaching consensus, our team orchestrates a seamless onboarding process. From the exchange of essential information to the establishment of effective communication channels, we ensure a smooth transition into a partnership poised for growth.

Our best asset :
Your success !

Our goal is simple: We find our clients' ideal counterpart in their targeted Market. Your global success is our business !

Our company name speaks for itself under the motto: "Unlock your potential, go International".

We are the specialists of exportation worldwide of SME European companies. Our dynamic team of experts works tirelessly with rigor, loyalty, caution, diligence and efficiency to reach the international development desired by our customers.

Your success, Our stories


Pastry business

Growth from € 200,000 to € 60 million over 8 years of collaboration

Operating from Liège (BE)
in the center of Europe

Over the years, our company based in Liège, Belgium, has benefited from an ideal central position in the heart of Europe, which has enabled us to establish strong, trust-based commercial relationships with our partners in Europe and across the Atlantic (USA).

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